I recently saw Calhoun's film.  In my opinion, the best film I've ever seen on the topic of racism.
Pearl Rock Kane
Klingenstein Chair, Professor of Education, Director, The Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership
This project ... brought about such important conversations, modes of inquiry and collaboration, and new visions of teacher and community-based education. We have learned so much in the process.
Brian Casemore
Associate Professor of Curriculum & Pedagogy, Co-Director of Community Engaged Teaching, The George Washington University
A powerful and timely event with one of the most diverse group of Googlers together in one room talking about racial issues and solutions.
Marjai Roberts
Talks at Google Coordinator & BGN Speaker Events Co-Lead
Regardless of one’s background, the topic of race is one of the most hard-to-talk about issues that we all live with today. "I'm Not Racist, Am I?" creates a space to have the discussions that hurt, it also has the power to spark the conversations that can heal.
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
A deeply engaging and powerfully thought provoking documentary that redefines what we thought we knew about racism. After witnessing the courage and vulnerability of 12 teenage students, viewers are compelled to engage in the often uncomfortable yet purposeful, necessary and meaningful discussions about race and the impact systemic racism has on our society.  A must see for high school students, as well as educators and parents of all ages.
Marlo McNeil
Director of Diversity, Roland Park Country School


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