Program Overview

planning-emblem• Three hours of content divided into 15-minute learning modules
• Fresh and engaging stories – these aren’t  your typical training videos
• Interactive exercises to increase learning and encourage deeper reflection
• Action plan toolkit
• Additional resources and advanced  topic modules to continue learning

This is the type of Diversity & Inclusion program you’ll ENJOY watching (probably more than once).

That’s because you can’t help but be engaged and inspired by the characters in our film. And through their journey, we’ll help you look deeper at the complexity and nuance of race in the U.S. so you will better understand the issues we face today.

planning-emblemHere are some tangible take-aways from our online course:

• You will gain knowledge that will help you more comfortably discuss race and racism.
• You will better understand bigotry, prejudice, race, and racism – and the impact they have.
• You will have more productive and authentic conversations with people from different backgrounds.
• You will develop an action plan for making changes in your own daily life to interrupt racism.


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